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Ensuring Appropriate Placement


All students are to meet with the principal and are highly encouraged to “shadow” for a day.


In addition, all students shall be screened/tested to determine the level of readiness and/or academic achievement to ensure appropriate grade placement:

  • Students entering pre-kindergarten must be three (PK3) or four (PK4) by December 31, and must meet with the prekindergarten teacher. They must be successfully potty-trained. The school reserves the right to determine whether a child meets this criterion.

  • Students entering PK4 must be four by December 31.

  • Students entering kindergarten must be five by December 31. They must take the Brigance screening test.

  • Students entering the first grade must take the SESAT II test. 

  • Students entering grades two through eight must take grade level tests.


No child will be accepted at St. Joseph School if in the judgment of the administration of the school it is felt that this school cannot meet the educational-developmental needs of the child. 


All new students will be accepted on a probationary period of six weeks.


Required Documentation


The school must receive the following documentation before a child may begin to attend: 1) registration form, 2) transcript from previous school, 3) copy of birth certificate, 4) copy of social security card, 5) immunization record, 6) baptismal certificate if Catholic, and 7) certificates of First Reconciliation and Communion if Catholic and above second grade.


Priority of Admissions


If all eligible applicants cannot be admitted due to space constraints, new students are accepted in this order of priority: children of parishioners of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Parish, children from families already enrolled in the school, children from families newly moved into a parish, Catholic children from non-parish families, and other eligible children.

Family Involvement


Parent Role in Education & Obligations


To ensure success for each student, parents need to

  • provide adequate time, space and materials for students to do homework;

  • monitor homework;

  • review and sign papers as requested by the teacher;

  • insist that their children assume responsibility for their own work;

  • see that their children arrive at school on time; and

  • support and adhere to all policies of St. Joseph School. 


It is the responsibility of every parent to uphold the values and high standards of St. Joseph School. Each parent should support the policies and work as part of a team to impart to “our” children that responsibility will take us beyond the academic world. A parent has the responsibility to be a good example in Christian behavior and to communicate a positive attitude about school, the staff, and learning to their children. Parental involvement with the school, working with teachers, and reading to children are the kinds of things that positively influence student learning. We welcome all parents to the partnership of educating their children. Continued negativity and non-compliance with school policies on the part of the parents or the student(s) will result in the student(s) being asked to leave St. Joseph School. This also applies to anyone who disturbs the peace and harmony of the school.


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