Academic Life

Students in grades K-8, in partnership with teachers and staff, engage in a challenging academic program grounded in Diocesan and state requirements.

Goals and Objectives

To incorporate Gospel values into the daily life of the school community, Saint Joseph School:
• offers a sound religion curriculum based on the Magisterium of the Church;
• provides an environment which offers varied opportunities to live the faith;
• serves the parish, community, and worldwide missions through various outreach programs.

To foster the academic, social and emotional growth of our school family, Saint Joseph School:
• provides a challenging academic program in accordance with Diocesan and state requirements;
• offers opportunities to practice social interaction within the school and community;
• nurtures a positive self-image as well as encourages self-discipline through growth in responsibility and accountability.



• Religion
• Math
• Reading/Literature
• Language Arts/English
• Social Studies
• Science



• Art
• Music
• Computer
• Physical Education
• Italian (Grades 1-4)
• Spanish (Grades 5-8)
• Library (Grades Pre-K-4)



• Weekly Library
• FMI Instrumental Program
• School Choir
• Field Trips
• Cup-Stacking Club
• Student Council
• Community Involvement
• Before/After School Care
• Milk/Lunch Program
• Busing available for students living in the Sprague area