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A time for girls to have a spiritual and fun day with the Sisters


Each year our eighth graders have a PK or K buddy for the year. Each month they do an activity, sit together at Mass and develop a strong buddy friendship.

Breakfast with Santa

A new event combinding good food, good company and pictures with Santa!

Catholic Schools Week

We celebrate our Catholic school with other Catholic Schools in New England.

Christmas Concert

Each grade sings different styles of Christmas songs followed by a live Nativity.

Cross Country

We are so grateful for our coaches and wonderful Cross Country members.


Deb Pratt and Terri Smith are the drama coaches who prepare our aspiring actors to perform in The Reluctant Cragon.

Father-Daughter Dance

Field Day

Field Trips

Each class makes at least one trip of an educational nature each year.

Grandparents' Day

Mother-Son Bowling

Pi(e) Day

Pizza Thursdays

Once a month students order pizza and the eighth grade delivers the pizza to classroom teachers to distribute.

Pumpkin Derby

Watch your pumpkin device race those of others!

Road Race

Rosary Rally

In the Fall we meet at a location in town and walk to the church praying the rosary. This is followed by Benediction.

Saints' Museum

Spirit Week

Spring Concert

St. Nicholas Day

On December 6th, Saint Nicholas visits each grade and distributes candy canes.

Student Council

Open to students in grades 6-8, the members strive to promote a good school spirit through activities and service.

Talent Show

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